Every organisation is trying to tell its story. But sometimes finding the time, the budget and the resources to tell that story can be difficult. Having people within your team who can quickly and effectively produce high quality video can be a fantastic way of generating new social media content or capturing important moments.

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At Preston Street Films we offer bespoke training in video and photography, showing you how to get the most out of the equipment you have – including your mobile phone.

We will walk you through the steps of identifying what the story is you are trying to tell, how best to shoot it and then the technical aspects of getting the best image and sound. We will show you how to edit – turning your shots into a compelling video – and how to optimise the video for sharing across your social media platforms.

No matter what your level of experience is or what kind of films you want to make, we can create a course for you. Sessions can be run at your premises, here at the PSF Studios, or online.

We can tailor-make a package that works for you, providing ongoing support, advice and follow up sessions if required

Social Media Content

Having training in creating content for social media is an excellent way of ensuring your organisation is always sharing high quality and engaging material.

If handling the editing at your end is too time consuming, we can provide a regular Social Media Content Service – you send us the content you have filmed, and we will edit it and turn it into stunning, branded social media content. We can then either send this back to you, or upload it directly to your social media channels. Have a look at our Social Media page to see how we can help manage and grow your social media presence.

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Promotional Video Exeter


We are all photographers with powerful cameras in our pockets. But when it comes to using these images for your company’s social media, website or the annual Christmas mug – often they are just not good enough.

This workshop (online or in person) is designed to teach you the basic skills of photography. Even when using your smart phone, by spending time on details like interesting composition, good lighting and being intentional, you can take your photography skills to the next level.

How to shoot yourself and survive
We all want to look good on camera. You might be presenting remotely, being interviewed from home or just recording a session for your team. What do you do when there is nobody to help you?
This one-hour session (in person or online) is designed to build your confidence and technical ability to create your own set-up for presenting to camera.
Whether you are using your own camera, your laptop or smart phone, in this session you will learn some of the tricks of lighting, framing and sound that will help you shoot high quality content – even when you’re home alone.
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Video Editing at Preston Street Films in Exeter

To cut a long story short… Video Editing

Video Editing is where your story comes together. We can teach you all aspects of editing, from organising rushes, colour grading, audio mixing and finally exporting your video in a range of formats.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner and just want to improve your Instagram Reels, or you have some skills and want to learn more, we can offer a bespoke course for you.

We can offer teaching on a range of software including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and FCPX.