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Preston Street Films is a production company that creates film content to tell the real stories of your business. With years of experience working with high profile clients we are skilled at video production that sells more than just a product.

Excellent films revolutionise your brand's relationship with your audience. Boasting unrivalled creativity and passion, we produce films that stretch the boundaries of storytelling to connect audiences to the core of your brand identity in dramatic new ways.

Companies the team have worked with:

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The Team

Our team benefits from a collaboration of dedicated and highly skilled professionals, combining decades of local, national and international film and branded video content production experience. Curious and creative, we seek new ways of seeing the world and work with a wide range of Brands, Producers, Directors, Artists, Crew and Contributors to bring powerful stories to life. View a collection of our work here.


Preston Street Films are dedicated to discovering engaging stories. If you have an experience to share with the world our research team would love to hear from you. Email


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