Our services at Preston Street Films cover all aspects of creative film and video production. Have a look at the services listed below, check out our work and get in touch to see how we can work with you.

Within every department in every university there are countless fascinating stories waiting to be told, but few of them break out from the confines of academia. Discover the creative techniques we can use to bring academic research a wider audience.

The social media landscape is continually changing. New platforms, new algorithms, new trends. It can be hard to keep up when you’re also managing your other marketing channels.

Scratchworks The Great Train Robbery

We don't just make moving images at Preston Street Films, we create still images too. Our in-house team includes skilled and experienced photographers.

Rhia with an amonite

However big your business, however niche your industry, we can help tell your story through video. Our team have years of experience working on documentary films for brands, broadcast and the big screen, and we can bring this expertise to promoting your brand.

Data Man Preston Street Films

Tell your story through animation, or use it to add interest to your videos. However you want to use it, at Preston Street Films we have the skills, expertise and creativity to create stunning animation and motion graphics. Get in touch to discuss how animation can help bring your story to life.

Josephine Perry

When you’re working at the cutting edge of innovation, communication gaps can open up between the work you’re doing and the general public. Video is an excellent way of bridging that gap, turning complex and difficult concepts into simple, engaging and entertaining content.

on set with Preston Street Films

Whether you'd like to learn to pursue filmmaking as a hobby, a profession or to be able to make video content for your business, we can help you learn. We can run courses in a wide range of video making specialisms and can help you make the most of your own equipment whether it's a mobile phone or a top of the range camera.

Phoebe Smith Dwayne Fields

TV commercials have never been so targeted, affordable and effective as they are now and the TV remains an incredibly powerful advertising tool. As Adsmart from Sky Preferred Partners, Preston Street Films can take your advert from brief to broadcast. Get in touch to see how we can help you get your brand on the telly.

London Data


A slick, beautifully crafted film can give audiences not just information, but also a feel for your brand. We use our expertise to create cinematic work that will connect with viewers on an emotional level.

Studio 36

There is nothing like video to communicate your message both to your clients and to your staff. Keep people up to date with who you are and what you do and what makes you stand out.


Video is the best way to deliver instructions for a product or service. At Preston Street Films we can help you make clear, stylish and watchable instructional or training videos.

Autocue on set

There is a reason why autocue is used by newsreaders, TV presenters, Hollywood actors, politicians and public speakers. Autocue takes the pressure off what you are saying and allows you to focus on how you are saying it.

Autocue Preston Street Films

Our team have years of experience in working on music videos for artists such as Nick Cave, The Maccabees, The Alabama 3 and more.

Nobody's Wolf Child - The Fall

Whether for live streaming or later release, we can produce complex multi-camera shoots for live performance or events.

A violinist seen through fire

At Preston Street Films we have years of experience creating film and video work for theatre. We have created promotional work in the form of creative or live trailers for shows, onstage projection work, behind the scenes and rehearsal films and marketing films for theatres.

shot from behind, moodily lit and man in a suit and hat exhales smoke

We can create BSL interpreted films versions of your films as well creating captioned and audio described work. Get in touch to discuss how we can help make your videos more accessible.

a low angle shot of a woman in a forest

We have years of experience making films in education settings from primary schools through to universities. Whether it's educational resources for your pupils or a promotional video for your school, we can make it happen.

Ivo Graham selfie as he runs up a hill

At Preston Street Films we have made videos for a wide variety of charities big and small. Have a look at some examples and do get in touch if you'd like to find out how we can help your charity boost awareness and raise funds.

A bicycle made for two InFocus

We can provide drone footage that will add production value and a fresh perspective to your video.

Exeter from the air

If you need video for your food or drink business get in touch to find out how we can help.

At Preston Street Films we have years of experience working with high-profile fashion brands to create cinematic content that tells their stories in a visually engaging way.

Whether you're start-up or an established company, we can help communicate what makes your tech or engineering products stand out.

Imagine a film with no pictures...

We don't just use cameras at PSF, we also make images with sound.