We don’t just make films at PSF, we also make engaging and thought provoking podcasts and radio documentaries on a wide range of subjects.

Strandings, Radio 4 documentary commission.

Film making is all about telling stories through pictures. At Preston Street Films we also tell stories without pictures through our radio and podcast company Sound and Bones.

Strandings – Radio 4 documentary commission

When Peter was thirteen, a blue-haired woman asked him to lift a freshly-hacked sperm whale jaw into her Volvo 245. That night in Norfolk marked the beginning of his lifelong bond and obsession with whales. Twenty-five years later, we join a group where Peter is learning how to re-float a two-tonne life-sized model of a pilot whale. As we follow this rescue in real time, Peter narrates a very different story: what happens to whales and to us when they breach the boundaries of the human world and how whale strandings entice a bizarre subculture of mystics, fetishists and scavengers.

Visit the Sound and Bones website to find out more about our adventures in sound.

Podcasts for Business

Forge Unshakeable Bonds: Podcasts aren’t just broadcasts; they’re conversations. By stepping out from behind the corporate curtain and into the intimacy of someone’s earbuds, you build trust and rapport like never before. Listeners feel you’re not just selling, but sharing – your insights, experiences, and genuine passion for your craft. This emotional connection translates into loyalty, turning fleeting customers into devoted brand ambassadors.

Authority You Can Hear: Forget faceless blog posts and sterile white papers. Podcasts let you inject your personality, humour, and expertise directly into the ears of your ideal audience. You become the voice of authority, the trusted guide leading them through your niche’s complexities. This organic expertise builds trust and establishes you as a thought leader, attracting top talent and potential partners alike.

Content Marketing: Struggling to keep your content calendar fresh and engaging? Podcasts breathe life into your marketing strategy. Interview industry influencers, delve into customer stories, dissect industry trends – the possibilities are endless. Each episode becomes a valuable asset that can be re-purposed across social media, blog posts, and even email newsletters, squeezing the most out of your content creation efforts.

Microphone and Headphones
a woman recording a podcast at the Sound and Bones studio.

SEO Symphony: Podcasts aren’t just for your ears; they’re a feast for search engines. Transcribe your episodes, sprinkle in relevant keywords, and watch your ranking in search results soar. Suddenly, potential customers seeking answers to their burning questions stumble upon your wisdom, and who are they to resist clicking that captivating podcast title?

Hyper-Targeted Marketing: Gone are the days of shotgun blasts and scattershot advertising. Podcasts let you laser-focus your message on a specific niche. Whatever your field of expertise, your ideal audience is just a click away. This targeted approach maximises your marketing ROI and ensures your message resonates with the ears most likely to convert.

The Takeaway: Podcasts aren’t just a trendy tech fad; they’re a revolution in how businesses can connect and grow. Get in touch to find out how we can help you unleash your inner storyteller, and dive into the world of podcasting. Watch as your brand takes flight, fuelled by the power of authentic conversations and laser-focused storytelling. In the symphony of the digital age, the right podcast can be the melody that makes your business irresistible.

Ready to amplify your brand with the power of podcasts? Contact us today and let’s craft a sonic strategy that will have your audience hitting subscribe in record time!