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Written by Preston Street Films and Martin Newman
Direction and Production: Preston Street Films
Illustrator & Animator: David Mirailles
Animator: Tom Bennett
Actors: Charice Bhardwaj & Lewie Chandler

SFX Attribution: All available at 
“Bamboo Swing, B19.wav” by InspectorJ (
“Slide Whistle, Descending, B (H1).wav” by InspectorJ (
“Yamaha CS15 Analogue Drum Single Hits bd2hard.wav by Altemark
“baby_11months » baby_voice_11months (2).wav” by Reinsamba
“Sci Fi Disaster Pack, Forcefield Ambience, Broken.wav” by Thimblerig
“nnus_industrial_equipment_noise1.wav” by Nnus
“Servo Motor #no1” by Pogotron
“like status from old cheap portable analogue television.flac” by Timbre
“Wobble Board” by  Mars_98
“Cheer crowd” by Johanneskristjansson


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