Science and Technology

When you’re working at the cutting edge of innovation, communication gaps can open up between the work you’re doing and the general public.

Video is an excellent way of bridging that gap, turning complex and difficult concepts into simple, engaging and entertaining content.

Whether you’re a tech startup or an established brand in the science and technology sector, Preston Street Films can help you bring your story to a wider audience, position you as a brand leader and attract new customers or investors.

Building Brand Awareness and Thought Leadership

Video is an incredible tool for positioning the leaders in your company as leaders within the industry. Capitalise on the expertise you have within your organisation by sharing it with the world to boost brand awareness and attract new customers, investors or partners.

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Video is the best way of explaining what your product is and how it works. Through a variety of techniques including animation, live action filming, motion graphics, voiceover and interviews we can put together videos that are engaging and informative.

Case Study: New Motion Labs Enduo Drivetrain

New Motion Labs commisioned us to make a video that explains the nuance of how their Enduo product differs from traditional drivetrains.

Watch the video here

Social Media

We can create content specifically for social media to drive audience engagement. However, creating interesting content is all well and good, but what do you do with it once you have it ready to go?

We can offer a Social Media Strategy – a bespoke approach that will maximise the impact of your content once it is published.

We can also offer Social Media Management – executing your strategy according to a planned schedule and targets.

Find out more about our social media services here
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