Autocue – what it is and how it works

There is a reason why autocue is used by professional newsreaders, TV presenters, Hollywood actors, politicians and public speakers. It works by projecting the script directly in front of the camera lens so that a contributor can read a prewritten script while maintaining a direct eye contact with the audience. There is a misconception that reading from a script may result in a stilted or robotic delivery, but in our experience people are often amazed by how the autocue takes the pressure off what you are saying and allows you to focus on how you are saying it. Autocue removes the need for the contributor to either memorise a script or answer questions on the spot allowing them to appear relaxed and natural while remaining completely on message.

With a skilled autocue operator the script will scroll past the lens at exactly the speed the presenter reads, making the experience effortless. Amendments to the script can be made on the spot, and spacing, emphasis and action prompts can be written in to ensure the best delivery.

The additional cost of having an autocue and autocue operator is easily offset by time saved in the edit. The editor will be working from the prewritten script so they can simply use the best takes, rather than having to piece together sentences. There is also the potential to save time on shoot days, meaning more contributors can filmed per day.

Our autocue is a professional system and our autocue operator has years of experience operating for stars such as Sir David Attenborough, Tom Cruise, and even the Queen.